The Crest

The Crest of the Association was designed in 1924 by Frank Cundall, Esq., O.B.E., Secretary and Librarian of the Institute of Jamaica (1891 to 1937).

On the field is a Cross of St. George painted with Pineapples as is the Coat of Arms of Jamaica. In the four corners are a quill, spade, caduceus and baton, representing respectively - Administration, Agricultural Service, Medical Service and Police.

In the centre is a monogram consisting of the initials of the name of the Association (J.C.S.A.). Around this monogram is the motto "Duro de Cortice Fructus Quam Dulcis' (How sweet the fruit the hard rind yields) - a similar motto to that found on the Seal originally granted by Charles II to Jamaica. This Crest has been reproduced on the Jubilee Medal of the Association struck in 1944 for presentation to members as a token of appreciation for long and faithful service.
About JCSA
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